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Discover our new range: Melegatti

Melegatti in Verona (Italy)

Melegatti - Mastercraft Bakers of Fine Foods for Over 100 Years


Founded by Domenico Melegatti in 1894 in the outskirts of Verona, Italy, Melegatti was first inspired by the sweet breads of the Christmas season and he received the Industrial Property Certificate for inventing the recipe, name and shape of the now-famous Pandoro.  

Ancient custom started with woman gathering in the Venetian court kitchens on Christmas Eve to make the "levà", a mixture of flour, milk and yeast.  Melegatti’s recipe comes from an  enrichment this traditional bread with butter and eggs and eliminating sugar and almonds from the crust so as not to reduce leavening.  His new creation would allow the dough to rise for over 10 hours with 6-7 cycles of the dough.  It takes about 36 hours to produce the beautiful and delicate Pandoro bread.


As one of the leading companies in the confectionary field, Melegatti has always valued high quality and tradition. Master bakers continue to achieve excellent craftsmanship by sourcing of the very best ingredients and taking great care with the processes.  While being able to utilise new technologies and innovations as well continuing with the creativity of the bakers, the company has never lost touch with its roots and traditions.  From the original classical Pandoro to the wide range of delicious desserts, Melegatti offers scrumptious treats for any occasion. 

From its inception, Melegatti has enjoyed steady successes and acclaimed recognition with  prize-winning milestones and high praise from industry experts.

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