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Abbracci Porridge

porridge di abbracci

Have you started to envision your life after lockdown? Are you eager to see friends face-to-face and hug a family member? Soften your wait with "Abbracci Mulino Bianco" and have fun with the preparation of this delicious recipe. The Abbracci Porridge is made with a lot of fresh and dry fruit. A palatable, healthy and energetic dessert perfect as a snack or for breakfast.

for 2 people

Prepare the base

Pour the yogurt, the honey, the Chia seeds and oatmeal in a bowl. Mix everything

Prepare your fruit

Slice the banana and the fig. Crumble the almonds and the pistachios. Lay aside

Prepare the abbracci and the glasses

Crumble the 6 abbracci in 2 glasses. Pour the porridge in the glasses

Finish up

Add the fruit to the glasses. Eventually, add some mint to your taste. The mint would make the dessert even fresher.

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