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Gluten-free gnocchi with vegetarian sauce

You can prepare excellent potato gnocchi even for those who are intolerant to gluten: just replace the wheat flour with rice flour, which you can choose to grind more or less fine, wholemeal or white. These dumplings with rice flour can be served with a tasty sauce such as our vegetarian sauce, to serve a main vegetarian dish.


Boil the potatoes and, when they are still hot, peel and pass them in a potato masher or in a manual vegetable mill. Add the gluten free flour, eggs, salt and nutmeg. Knead until you have obtained a kind of ball similar to that of the pizzas.

Sprinkle flour with a work surface and take a piece of dough (more or less the size of a peach). Work it with your hands sprinkled with flour, until you get long and narrow cylinders. Cut them with a knife into small pieces of the desired size. 

Throw the gnocchi in boiling salted water. When they come to the surface they will be cooked.

We seasoned gluten-free potato gnocchi with a Vegetarian Sauce Conserve della Nonna. 

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