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Pumpkin Tortelli Mantovana

Pumpkin tortelli are a traditional Christmas recipe, typical of Mantua. Bundles of egg pasta stuffed with pumpkin and Mantuan mustard.

Ingredients for fresh pasta (for 40 tortelli):

For the stuffing:


To prepare the pumpkin tortelli, start from the filling that will have to rest in the fridge for at least the whole night or better still for 24 hours so that the flavors are mixed. So take the pumpkin and divide it into parts (1) to more easily eliminate the seeds and inner filaments (2). Then cut it into slices (3)


and place them on a dripping pan lined with baking paper (4): cook in a preheated oven at 220 ° for about 20 minutes (if oven is ventilated at 200 ° for about 10 minutes). Check the cooking from time to time, prick the pulp with the prongs of a fork: the pumpkin must be soft, but not burn. While the pumpkin is cooking, collect the amaretti biscuits in a bowl and crumble them with your hands (5-6).


Chop the Mantovana Mostarda with pear or apples (7). You can also use a meat grinder if you prefer for a finer result. Once cooked the pumpkin, let it cool in the oven off, so that it dries and loses as much water as possible. Then remove the cooked pulp by helping with a scoop or a spoon (8) and pass it in a potato masher (9), collecting it in a small bowl.


Then add to the pumpkin the mustard (10) and the crumbled amaretti (11), mixed with a spatula (12)


and also pour the grated cheese (13), mix well and add the egg (14). Once you have completely absorbed the stuffing, salt to taste and flavor with nutmeg (15). Cover with foil and place in the fridge to rest for the whole night, better still for 24 hours.


The next day, prepare the fresh pasta: sift the flour in a large bowl (16) or on a pastry board, then pour the eggs at room temperature that you will have quickly beaten with a fork (17) and mix the ingredients by hand until obtain a soft and non-sticky mixture (18). If it should still be sticky (it may depend on the degree of absorption of the used flour) add a little more flour without exaggeration; if, on the contrary, the dough is dry, you can moisten it by adding a little water at room temperature. It is also advisable to respect the dose of the eggs as indicated, to obtain a perfect consistency of the egg pasta.

pumpkin italian tortelli ravioli

Give the mixture a spherical shape (19) and wrap it in transparent film. Let it rest at room temperature in a cool place for at least 30 minutes. After the necessary time resume the dough and divide it into at least two parts (as you work it, leave covered with film still to be worked); with the machine to pull the dough or with a rolling pin, roll out each piece of dough until the rectangles are about 1 mm thick (20-21).

fresh pasta italian food

Roll out the dough on a lightly floured worktop, tie the dough with a pastry cutter to make a strip 9 cm wide and place on it some small piles of stuffing (about 15 g) in the upper part of the strip (leaving at least 1 cm from the edge) by distancing a few centimeters a small pile from the other, along the whole strip of fresh pasta (22). Fold the strip of fresh pasta to cover the filling (23-24): if the dough should be a bit 'dry, you can brush it slightly with a little water.

italian original pasta

and press between the spaces of the small pieces of stuffing to adhere the edges of the dough (25), before obtaining the tortelli with a serrated pastry wheel (26): the shape and size of the tortelli can vary according to taste and traditions. We have obtained rectangles of 4.5x6 cm. As you make the tortelli, place them on a tray lined with lightly floured dry paper or kitchen cloth (27). Continue until you finish the fresh pasta and the stuffing: you will eventually get around 40 tortelli, ready to cook and flavor with the sauce you prefer!

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