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Risotto with Porcini Mushrooms

Mushroom risotto can be prepared with fresh mushrooms, more delicate, or with dried mushrooms and will be more powerful.

It is a first course typical of Italian cuisine, which can be made with different varieties of mushrooms, typically chanterelle or porcini mushrooms.


First clean the porcini mushrooms. With a small knife, scrape the stem and carefully cut the most woody parts. With a strong brush or brush, remove the earth. Remember that fresh mushrooms should not be washed.
If you use dried porcini mushrooms, dip them in water for about 2 hours. Filter the porcini water and keep aside, gently rinse the mushrooms under the water to remove excess dust.

When the shallot has become transparent add the rice and toast for a few minutes. Add the mushroom water, keep the flame high, and stir until the liquid is evaporated. 

Start to blend the rice with the stock. Add the mushroom stems, cut into cubes, continuing to adding the broth while stirring.

Add the rehydrated porcini or cut the fresh porcini heads and add them to the rice when it is almost cooked. 

Turn off the heat. Add the butter, grated cheese and chopped parsley and stir generously. Let rest for 2 minutes checking that the risotto is not completely compact, transfer it to the plates and decorate with few slices of fresh mushrooms.


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