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Spaghetti with seafood

Spaghetti seafood (scoglio) are a first course of fragrant and tasty sea that contains the true flavors and aromas of the Mediterranean.


How to make it:

To prepare spaghetti with the rock started by cleaning mussels and clams, then place a colander in a container, so that it does not touch the bottom and fill with cold running water, allowing the clams of excess sand to drain. Throw away the water and repeat the operation, then leave it to soak (1). Then go to the mussels cleaning: remove the impurities present on the valves helping you with the back of a blade if they are very resistant and tearing away the byssus, ie the barbette part that comes out (2), then help yourself with a new steel wool and scratch away impurities (3).

 spaghetti scoglio seafood recipe italian

It may happen that the shell of some clam contains only sand, to be sure it is not so, firmly knock but without too much force the shell on a cutting board, making sure that the cut is down, if you notice a black spot on the cutting board it means that it is full of sand and should therefore be discarded (4), however, do a test with a knife to see if it actually contains sand. Let 2 tablespoons of olive oil heat in a fairly large pan and when it is hot pour the clams and mussels (5) cover immediately with a lid and wait until they are completely opened, it will take 3-4 minutes (6 ).

 pasta italian seafood shellfish

Once the mussels and clams are open, remove the lid (7) and pour into a container (8), do not throw the cooking liquid but filter it through a strainer with a narrow mesh to eliminate any impurities and residuals of sand and keep it aside in hot (9).

 spaghetti shellfish recipe italian

Then shell both clams and mussels (10) and keep aside the shellfish and some other shell still full while you can remove the empty shells. If you do not use them already clean, you can devote to cleaning the squid: you have to remove the head and the entrails, then remove the skin (11) and incident only the superficial part, you can help entering the blade inside, up to open it completely (12)

 mussels prawns clams spaghetti italian

then cut it into strips (13). Then dedicate yourself to the cleaning of the scampi, with the scissors cut on the sides of the tail thus eliminating the armor that covers the abdomen (14). Then with a toothpick try to eliminate the intestine, the black thread present in the prawn. In this way it will not release a bitter taste. Now wash the tomatoes and cut them into wedges (15). Meanwhile, place a pan full of salted water on the stove and bring to the boil, it will be used to cook spaghetti.

 pasta scoglio seafood

At this point, add 25 g of extra-virgin olive oil in a pan together with a clove of garlic (16) and when it is well browned, pour the squid together with a pinch of salt (17), cook for 5 minutes then blend with white wine (18),

 olive oil seafood pasta spaghetti

let the alcohol evaporate, remove the garlic (19), add the tomatoes (20) and cook another 5 minutes. Meanwhile, cook the spaghetti in boiling water (21).

 spaghetti pasta italian

Add the scampi to the sauce (22) with salt and pepper. Drain the spaghetti directly in the pan, when there are 4 minutes left until the end of cooking (23). Continue cooking by pouring out the cooking water of mussels and clams as you have kept aside (24)

 italian pasta seafood

lastly add the mussels and shelled clams (25). At the end of cooking, turn off the heat, season with the chopped parsley (26) and mix one last time. Serve the hot rock spaghetti (27).

 pasta spaghetti italian dish meal tasty



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