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Tiramisu Savoiardi Italian Recipe

Tiramisu, the most famous Italian dessert, any occasion is good to enjoy the delicious dessert from special holidays to family gathering. Discover how to make a perfect tiramisu: a classic recipe with savoiardi biscuits, mascarpone and a hint of coffee!

Difficulty: low
Preparation: 40 min
Doses for: 8 people
Cost: average


How to prepare Tiramisu:

To prepare the tiramisu start from the eggs (very fresh): carefully separate the egg whites from the yolks (1), remembering that to whisk well the egg whites will not have to show any trace of yolk. Whip the egg yolks with electric mixer, along with half of the sugar (2) till the mixture has become clear and frothy (3),

tiramisu recipe italian

with the whisk still rotating, you can add the mascarpone, little by little (4). Once you have incorporated all the cheese, you will have a thick and compact cream; keep it aside (5). Clean the whips very well and go to whisk the egg whites pouring the remaining sugar a little at a time (6).

recipe italian dessert sweet tiramisu

You will have to beat the snow well (7). Take a spoonful of egg whites and pour into the bowl with the egg yolks and sugar and mix vigorously with a spatula, so you will dilute the mixture (8). Then proceed to add the remaining part of egg whites, slightly at a time by mixing very gently from top to bottom (9).

italian recipe tiramisu

Once ready, spread a generous spoonful of cream on the bottom of a 30x20cm baking dish and distributed well (11). Take the cold sweetened coffee (12) (as per your preference), then soak (13) for a few moments the savoiardi n the cold coffee. 

sweet cake italian recipe tiramisu

As you spread the biscuits soaked in cream, all in one verse, so as to obtain a first layer (14) on which you will distribute a part of the mascarpone cream (15).

sweet recipe italian tiramisu

Also in this case you must level it carefully so as to have a smooth surface (16). And continue to distribute the sponge fingers soaked in coffee (17), then make another layer of cream (18).

tiramisu italian recipe original

Level the surface (19) and sprinkle with bitter cocoa powder and leave to harden in the refrigerator for a couple of hours (20). Your tiramisu is ready to be tasted (21)!

recipe italian dessert tiramisu

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