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Zucchini "Sushi" rolls with Mortadella

Here is an easy and creative recipe to prepare a fresh appetizer, the zucchini sushi with a mousse of Parmigiano and mortadella. The zucchini, fresh and versatile, particularly well to being sliced thinly and transformed into delicious rolled and stuffed bites, perfect as italian appetizers.


Wash and drain the zucchini, with the help of a slicer cut them into thin slices. Grill them lightly on both sides using a non-stick plate and keep aside.

Drain the ricotta from the exceed of whey, transfer it in a bowl and mix it with a spatula together with the Parmigiano and a hint of ground pepper. Separately, whip the cream with the electric whisk and then add it to the ricotta mix: incorporating it with the spatula, making slow movements from the bottom upwards.

Roll out a slice of zucchini on a cutting board at a time. Spread on the surface a little quantity of mousse, which will serve to keep the "sushi" roll of closed, and place some more mousse on one of the ends. Starting from this end, wrap the zucchini on itself. Form the rest of the rolls and place them in an aluminum container, or other, that can be closed with a lid. Keep in the refrigerator for at least an hour.

Blend the mortadella but without reducing it to a thin paste, the texture that you will have to obtain will be rather granular. You can help by adding a spoonful of fresh cream to the blender or the robot. Serve the zucchini rolls, placing them
vertically on one of the rolled bases. Spread a teaspoon of mortadella on top, sprinkle everything with a round of oil, sprinkle with fresh pepper and then decorate with some fresh oregano leaves. Serve it and enjoy!

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