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Cheese Caciocavallo White Mild from Apulia (approx. 750g)

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Caciocavallo is a typical cheese from Puglia and southern Italy in general. It is a cow's milk cheese with a sweet taste that becomes almost spicy when aged for a long time. Excellent with red wines and chestnut honey.

About the Product:
  • This Pugliese caciocavallo is a typical cheese made from cow's milk.
    Its crust is thin and smooth, yellow in color.
    The paste is homogeneous and compact, white or straw-colored.
    The taste is sweet and delicate, tends to spicy with increasing aging.
  • Caciocavallo Bianco Mild is a unique type of cheese from the region of Apulia, with a unique flavor, texture and shape
  • The process of making it is similar to that for mozzarella. Raw cow's milk is heated and coagulated with calf’s rennet. The curd is cut into walnut-sized pieces and left to stand for several hours until it can be pulled apart in strings. 
  • Formed in a single ball and then hung to age
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