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William Pear from Italy(approx 1kg)

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William Pear is of varied shape, more or less similar to a more or less elongated or compressed cone. William Pear has a thin skin, from yellow to green, to rosé, to red, to brown. The flesh is white-yellowish, sweet, juicy, certain grainy.

About the Product:

  • The fruit of the pear tree is a "pomo", that is a "false fruit", in fact it is from the receptacle that the pulp originates and not from the flower ovary.
  • The true fruit is the core that contains the seeds. It is generally round, and its color varies according to the variety, from green to yellow or red with spots and streaks.
  • The peel is usually fine, smooth and resistant. The petiole, very robust, is fixed to the fruit in a sort of called cavity, pedicle cavity.
  • Pear cultivated in Italy