San Daniele Ham Boneless (Approx. 8kg) – Casinetto
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San Daniele Ham Boneless (Approx. 8kg)

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Italian pork, sea salt.

San Daniele Ham Boneless (Approx. 8kg)


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Leg of pork, taken from Italian heavy
pigs bred by select livestock farms,
seasoned with sea salt and nothing else
• Slow, careful processing, thorough
cleaning, no shaping with moulds but
plastic-trussed to form a round finish
• Soft in texture, mild, refined flavour,
intense aroma
• Vacuum-packed in transparent heat-shrink bag and completed
with protective netting. Luxury packaging for the 18- and
24-month cured products, featuring golden paper around the
• Gluten-free and dairy-free. No preservatives

The pride of Italian charcuterie, dry-cured hams are held to be the finest of cured
meats, thanks to the premium raw materials and the craftsmanship involved. Quire
simply legs of pork, left to rest - after careful salting by hand - and cured for up
to 24 months. This process, which (with the exception of the carefully controlled
temperature and moisture levels in the curing rooms) is completely natural, brings
out all the flavour and subtle aroma. Nothing more than meat, salt, the skilled
hands of the workers, and the changing of the seasons.