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Spend Over Dhs. 150.00 to qualify for free delivery
Spend Over Dhs. 150.00 to qualify for free delivery

About Us

Founded in 2009, Casinetto is a provider of only high-quality, sustainably-produced, and authentic Italian foods that come with an untarnished reputation and generations of experience.

Our mission is to find, select and organize the most efficient logistics to make sure that consumers can enjoy unique ingredients that can make a simple recipe unique. We want consumers to experience the same tastes and flavour they would experience in an old Italian farmhouse.

The name Casinetto derives from Il Casinetto, a family-run olive farm in the fertile foothills of an extinct volcano, close to Viterbo in the earth of Italy.

The farming method of Il Casinetto is that of honesty and sustainability, traditions passed generation over generation. It is a method that avoids over-farming and makes the best use of the quality of the soil, the consistency of the sun, and the natural rain irrigation - never compromising quality for quantity.

Our growing team of over 100 foodaphiles is passionate about sourcing and delivering the finest products from like-minded, conscientious farmers and crafters as well as providing unsurpassed service to our customers.

With a happy and growing customer base of home food connoisseurs, and top hotel and restaurant kitchens, Casinetto continues to provide only the best for Dubai’s “foodies”.

You will certainly taste the difference in food made with quality, passion, and the earth in mind - naturally!

Buon appetito!