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Artichokes Mammole from Italy (1pc)

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The Italian Artichocke represent a veritable mine of active ingredients and have particular therapeutic virtues. The Italian artichoke is well suited as a vegetable, in salads, for making cakes, as a sauce to dress pasta and in its classic recipe for "Romana".


About the product

  • Artichokes are very light and very caloric vegetables, since 100 grams of artichokes make only 47 calories of our organism
  • Like most vegetables, artichokes are mainly made of water and vegetable fibers, useful for stimulating the proper functioning of the intestine. They represent an important source of precious mineral salts, among which we find sodium, potassium, phosphorus and calcium.
  • Italy is the European country in which the artichokes are more cultivated and a real primacy belongs to regions such as Sardinia, Sicily and Apulia.
  • Product of Italy
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