Artichokes Topinanbur from Italy 250g Approx


PieceCountry of origin: Italy
AED 8.49
Product Information

The Topinanbur artichoke, also called sunroot, sunchoke, wild sunflower, or earth apple, is a species of sunflower native to central North America. They have a complex but mild flavour profile. Uncooked, they have a crunchy texture and a clean, fresh, sweet and nutty taste, which has been compared to water chestnuts.

  • They are excellent with herbs and spices: rosemary, bay, parsley and pepper, cardamom and nutmeg are the best flavours to add to soups, salads and risottos.
  • They also go well with citrus, especially the peel; try grating some onto baked Artichokes Topinanbur
  • Grown in Italy
Artichokes Topinanbur