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Baby Aubergine from South Africa (Approx. 200gr)

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Baby Aubergine is ideal for fighting constipation, it is purifying and helps the liver to regulate itself. The best recipes are with curry, stew, pasta or it can become an excellent puree.

About the Product:

  • The mini aubergine is sweeter than the traditional one and is rich in benefits. It has a positive influence on the urinary tract, contains a lot of iron and calcium, excellent for counteracting the onset of bone diseases, nourishes the brain and reduces cholesterol.
  • The high percentage of water that makes it, makes the aubergines purifying the body and especially useful in cases of inflammation of the urinary tract. Some of the bitter substances contained in its composition contain the levels of bad cholesterol, moreover, because of its satiating potentialities, it is recommended for slimming diets, provided it is not seasoned with fats.
  • The recipes you can do with baby aubergines are many including: Pasta alla norma, salad aubergine, eggplant parmigiana, grilled aubergines, aubergine rolls and eggplant meatballs.
  • One pack contains approx. 200gr
  • Imported from South Africa