Basket - Italian Flavors Large – Casinetto
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Basket - Italian Flavors Large

Basket - Italian Flavors Large

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Basket - Italian flavors Large

  • 1pc x EVO Casinetto Organic Green Lazio 250ml
  • 1pc x Anchovy Fillets in Olive Oil 90g
  • 1pc x Artichokes Paste 190g
  • 1pc x Carnaroli Rice Casinetto 1kg
  • 1pc x Balsamic Vinegar Casinetto Red 250ml 7years
  • 1pc x Tomatoes Crushed Casereccia Casinetto 680g
  • 1pc x Peeled Tomatoes Casinetto 400g
  • 1pc x Linguine Gragnano PGI Faella 500g
  • 1pc x Penne Rigate Medie Gragnano PGI Faella 500g
  • 1pc x Mackerel Fillets in Olive Oil 125g
  • 1pc x Semidry Cherry Tomato Agromonte 200g
  • 1pc x Grissini Breadsticks Wholegrain Fongo 200g
  • 1pc x Pan di Stelle Biscuits 350g
  • 1pc x Pesto Genovese Sauce Nonna 185g
  • 1pc x Polenta Instant Molino Nicoli 375g
  • 1pc x Aubergines Grilled NW750g/DW450g
  • 1pc x Tarallucci Biscuits 350g
  • 1pc x Ciobar Chocolate Cameo 5bag 125g
  • 1pc x Olives & Tangerines Dressing 250ml
  • 1pc x Jam Apricot Extra Nonna 330g
  • 1pc x Honey Eucaliptus Fiasconaro 350g
  • 1pc x White Truffle Oil 250ml

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