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Chili Pepper - Big Grinder (180gr)


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The Chili Pepper Montosco crushed chilli of superior quality, of lively spiciness and intense aroma of fresh chili. Contained in prestigious grinders and dispensers, modern objects, elegant and refined design.

About the Product:

  • all the Montosco Mediterranean Herbs and Spices are grown in Italy. In addition, the company imports the best herbs and spices from the world, such as black pepper Tellycherry, unique in the market for the quality and intensity of the aroma.
  • For the processing of raw materials, Montosco uses the very modern Crotone factory. Here are used special techniques, patented, which, unlike the traditional, maintain unaltered the organoleptic characteristics of the products, ensuring in this way herbs and spices in all respects the same as fresh.
  • In addition, this unique refillable grinder can be refilled with any of the other Montosco products