Black Truffle Extra Virgin Olive Oil Dressing Risotto Taste Recipe – Casinetto
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Olive Oil Black Truffle Extra Virgin (250ml)

Black Truffle Oil

San Pietro a Pettine

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Black Truffle Olive Oil gives your hot and cold dishes the delicate taste of summer truffles. Dressing great on salads, pasta, risotto, carpaccio and meat fillets, cheeses and eggs.

About the Product:

  • A fruity, fragrant and delicate flavor, with ideal characteristics for an excellent combination that enhances the flavor and aroma of black truffles.
  • Excellent for flavoring truffle-based dishes. Excellent for preparing a bruschetta, on cold pasta, on potatoes and on salads.
  • Pure Olive Oil imported from Umbria (Italy) enriched with black truffle slices
  • This product gives its best results with first or main courses
  • Ingredients: Extra virgin olive oil, dehydrated black winter truffle (Tuber melanosporum Vitt.)