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Mozzarella Provola Buffalo Smoked

Buffalo Mozzarella Smoked Affumicata 250g Tray

La Marchesa

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The smoked buffalo provola mozzarella is subjected to a light smoker, obtained through an exposure to straw smoke that enhances and characterizes the flavor. It should be consumed naturally raw raw alone or combined with any kind of vegetables.

About the Product

  • All the goodness of Mozzarella di Bufala milk in its smoked variant. The smoking is performed according to tradition: the smoke of natural wheat straw gives this product a rustic, energetic, wild taste.
  • To cook it, however, should be removed from the liquid and kept for a few hours in the fridge, so that it can separate from excess water, thus gaining the right consistency.
  • Great for cold recipes and salads but also on pizza
  • Gives you a slight smoky hint to any recipe
  • Product of Campania, Italy