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Burrata Cheese TuttoLatte Big Box (6 pcs of approx. 300gr each)

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The burrata is a fresh, stringy cheese made from cow's milk, with a soft and stringy consistency. Perfect if tasted raw, with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and some tomatoes, its use is increasingly frequent as a condiment on pizzas in a gourmet look.

About the Product

  • A fresh cheese, similar to mozzarella but with a soft and creamy heart of spun dough and cream: the burrata, a typical Apulian product, is a real treat for the palate, and in summer it can be served in delicious and easy-to-prepare dishes.
  • The burrata is a cheese very similar to mozzarella but with a sweeter and softer flavor and a softer consistency. This cheese goes well with vegetables or mixed salads, but can also be cooked to prepare more elaborate dishes.
  • Made in Apulia, South of Italy
  • 1 carton contains 6 pieces of approximately 300 gr each