Burratina Cheese Box (Approx. 50g each x 10pcs)


PieceCountry of origin: Italy
AED 92.56
Product Information

With a perfect balance between the sweetness of the cream, the roundness of the butter and the flavor of the strata of pasta filata with which everything is blended. With homemade cream of fresh Apulian milk!

  • A fresh cheese, similar to mozzarella but with a soft and creamy heart of spun dough and cream: the burrata, a typical Apulian product, is a real treat for the palate, and in summer it can be served in delicious and easy-to-prepare dishes.
  • The burrata is a cheese very similar to mozzarella but with a sweeter and softer flavour and a softer consistency. This cheese goes well with vegetables or mixed salads, but can also be cooked to prepare more elaborate dishes.
  • Made in Apulia, South of Italy