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Peppers Capsicum Baby Sweetbite Mix from Holland (250gr)

Peppers Capsicum Baby Sweetbite Mix from Holland (250gr)

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These sweet Capsicum snacking peppers serve both loads of crunch and lots of nutritional values, they are ideal chopped fresh in salads, or sliced thin for stir-fries.

About the Product:

  • It took quite some time for sweet peppers to be included among snack vegetables. But thanks to Tommies’ mini sweet peppers the tasty vegetable is becoming an increasingly common sight in schoolyards, offices and homes.
  • The vitamins contained in Tommies sweet peppers help to boost your immune system and the condition of your hair and gums, and they also help you fight fatigue.
  • Mix of baby sweet peppers from Holland
  • Approx. 250 grams per pack
  • 24 hours Pre-order