Cherry ProQ Woodchips


1 Piece (400g)Country of origin: UAE
AED 25.75
Product Information
ProQ Smoking Wood Chips are all high quality, sustainably sourced woods ensuring you get the best smoke, every time. Our wood is bark free which ensures no impurities and a clean, flavourful smoke for your food. Contains very low moisture as desirable and develops perfect smoking essence, due to the perfect size, the chips will produce smoke quickly and create an ideal condition for a tasty barbecue experience.
  • No chemicals, additional flavours or preservatives are added during the processing stage and are suitable for many foods such as pork, poultry, fish, beef, lamb, and vegetables
  • It has cherry essence that adds mild, fruity, and slightly sweet richness to your dishes
  • Each bag contains around 400g of our premium wood chips

Dietary & Lifestyle
Halal: Yes