Coffee Beans Espresso Bar 75% Arabica 25% Robusta


1 Piece (1kg)Country of origin: Italy
AED 72.10
Product Information
A blend that combines Arabica coffee beans from the Brazilian highlands with fine Robusta beans from India, Africa and the Far East, resulting in a coffee that perfectly combines aroma and body to best satisfy the typical Italian taste for espresso.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: Bondie's espresso blends come from high-quality coffee from a variety of sources with the use of strict quality control to ensure products are within our standards. No acidity and no sour taste. 
  • These quality coffee beans undergo an unusual roasting that produces a cup of coffee that is particularly rich in aroma
  • This blend is a selection of Robusta beans at 75% that finds perfect harmony with a percentage of Arabica quality at 25% to embellish the coffee break and make every moment of the day memorable.