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Anchovy Fillets in Olive Oil

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Anchovies (56.4 %), olive oil (43%), salt (0.5%), clove (0.1%)

Anchovy Fillets Olive Oil 90g Jar


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Anchovy Fillets from Delicius, selected from only the best quality of the Italian fish with the genuine taste of Sicilian tradition. It is ideal with rice, finger food, pizza, appetizers, couscous and even desserts.

  • For our anchovy preserves, we only select the Engraulis encrasicholus species. These anchovies swim freely in the Mediterranean sea in big schools of fish. They are fished in the period from April to September, respecting the seabed and its environment. We only process anchovies fished “a lampara” - which is the traditional fishing boat with low impact on the ecosystem.
  • The best anchovies must be processed immediately. They are put to rest in big wooden barrels, covered in layers of salt, within 24 hours of fishing
  • Hand filleted and hand packed in Olive Oil, Slowly open the lid and discover the genuine taste of tradition. 
  • Nutrition Facts: Anchovies 63%, Olive Oil 37%.