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Culatello Diamante Sliced (Approx. 200gr)

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Sliced Culatello Diamante (Approx. 200gr)


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The king of the seasoned, in its most modern version, sweeter and softer than the ancient culatello.Unlike traditional culatello, it preserves the anchetta, the sugnatura and the fat, making it sweeter and softer.

About the Product

  • WEIGHT: kg 3,5/4,5.
  • CURING: 12 months.
  • QUALITY: the best part of the dry-cured ham. It is made from the legs of heavy pigs and processed and cured in a natural way. Hand-salted, derinded, with the fat trimmed off, without shank or “fiocco”, then packed in a natural bladder and skilfully hand-tied.
  • FLAVOUR: a product with unique organoleptic characteristics; its unmistakable aroma and fragrance are obtained by slow, gradual curing in very humid conditions for up to 12 months.
  • Gluten-free. Dairy-free.