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Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Italy Tin 5L

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Made in Italy with Italian olives from Lazio, this 5 litre tin of extra virgin olive oil is carefully produced with the fruit of the olive tree that is traditional in the Mediterranean. Read more about our star product:

Why pay more for our extra virgin olive oil?

  • Italian olives are grown on small pieces of land and the business is family-run in nature. This unique combination allows them to concentrate more on quality instead of quantity and eliminate mass production but also gives them a relatively higher cost. The price of olive oil gives you a fair indication of its quality
  • We want you to know where our olives come from - Click here to check out our olive farm
  • The olives are picked while they are still green. This gives us less juice for oil extraction but ensures more nutrients than the ripened (black) olives that give more juice but far fewer nutrients

From a humble fruit to extra virgin olive oil

  • The olives are processed within 12 hours of being picked to keep their nutrient value intact. Traditional cold-pressed methods give us lesser output; however, the integrity of the extra virgin olive oil is maintained. Quality comes first, always!
  • The output is ready to make your homemade dishes glisten with its freshness and flavour
  • Good extra virgin olive oil should have the perfect mix of bitterness and spiciness. You would experience a grassy, peppery flavour; and a fruity aroma. If those are missing it means the olive oil is of poor quality and has low nutritional value