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Extra Virgin Oil Peranzana Medium Fruit Muraglia (250ml)

Frantoio Muraglia

PieceCountry of origin: Italy
AED 37.17

Product Details

“Essenza” Medium Fruity is our extra virgin olive oil exclusively made from Peranzana variety olives grown in Apulia.

About the Product

  • With our “Essenza” line, here at Frantoio Muraglia we are going back to the essential that has always been at the heart of our work: oil. Essence means oil of the highest quality in pret-à-gourmet clothing; extra virgin oil which is elegant but democratic in its appeal.
  • “Essenza” Intense Fruity is an extra virgin olive oil produced using only Peranzana olives. A sensory experience in refined attire.
  • The Peranzana cultivar gives an elegant oil boasting very low acidity and a very well-balanced taste. Our Medium Fruity oil is golden yellow in colour, shot through with gleams of bright green, and its aroma is dominated by fresh almond and green tomato with a well-structured taste playing predominantly on soft tones.
  • 100% Italian Extra Virgin Olive oil
  • 250ml bottle