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Sea Urchins Pulp 100g

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Sea Urchin Roe

Sea Urchins Pulp 100g

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The small, star-shaped eggs that are yellow-orange in colour which the urchins produces in variable quantities depending on the season and the lunar cycle. The sea urchin, despite being considered a very valuable food by connoisseurs, is not a product for wide consumption since its availability on the market is low, the costs of the commercial product are high, the possibility of capturing it autonomously in the vicinity of the lower Adriatic and Tyrrhenian, the mode of consumption being raw and the characteristic flavour, represent and fortunately limiting factors to the expansion of this food.

The sea urchin is quite widespread in the eastern Atlantic Ocean and in the Mediterranean Sea, with little presence on the western high Adriatic side; it feeds on algae, aquatic plants and small organisms, and populates rocky bottoms or those rich in Posidoniaup to about 30m deep.

  • The edible portion of the sea urchin consists of the oviparous sacs which can be eaten raw or quickly fried
  • It is presumed that the eggs of sea urchins boast of a nutritional profile similar to that of other species; they should boast a rather limited energy intake, probably around 100-110kcal per 100g, an excellent quantity of high biological value proteins and essential fats, but also a high cholesterol content.
  • Vitamins and mineral salts are presumably contained in more than good percentages.
  • Produced in Iceland.