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Golden Onion (Approx. 500gr)

Onions Golden From Holland 250g Approx

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The Netherlands may be relatively small in size, but it is a global player when it comes to agricultural production. The close contact between onion growers, seed breeders and researchers certainly contributes to this. Thanks to the favourable Dutch climate and the mineral-rich marine clay, Dutch onion growers are able to bring a top-quality product, with an optimum taste, into the market.

  • The Golden onion is the most common variety of onions, characterized by golden-yellow skin.
  • The onion is white on the inside. Its flesh is firm and has a sharp taste.
  • The yellow onion is very versatile. It is particularly suited for cooking, frying or roasting and can be used in many fish and meat dishes, as well as in soups and salads.