Grain-fed Mutton Hind Shank Frozen ~500g


PieceCountry of origin: Spain
AED 28.35
Product Information

Menino sheep are prized for their high meat yield and their low fat content. Lamb hind shanks are a bone-in cut from the lower hind leg ideal for braising or slow-roasting preparations.

  • Hailing from Spain, the frozen cut of meat is perfect for a classic braised hind shank.
  • A flavourful cut from Menino sheep that are known for their low fat content.
  • A meat thermometer takes all the guesswork out of cooking the hind shank. As for finish temps, the area is a little more grey. There is a lot of collagen to melt, and collagen melt is a factor of temperature and time. Shoot for 200–203°F (93–95°C).