Jam Blueberry Organic 270g

Alce Nero

PieceCountry of origin: Italy
AED 23.17
Product Information

Alce Nero Organic Blueberry is a delicious spread, that is a 100% all-fruit product. This organic jam is characterized by an intense and sweet, slightly sour flavour. Due to the delicate processing method, soft consistency and a good fruit flavour are obtained.

  • The vacuum-pan method used, leave the scent and flavour of the blueberry essentially intact.
  • With no added sugar and 0% use of pectin, you can enjoy all-natural flavours of the fruit.
  • Get hooked on this healthy product with no preservatives and no artificial substances to create excellent sweet recipes.
Blueberries, Grape Suagr, Lemon Juice, Organic. Total Fruit Content (Blueberries): 105G For 100G Of Finished Product