Grain-fed Lamb Leg from Spain ~1.5kg – Casinetto
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Grain-fed Lamb Leg from Spain ~1.5kg

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Lamb Meat

Grain-fed Lamb Leg from Spain ~1.5kg


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Perhaps the part of the lamb that's worked out the most, which gives us a flavourful cut of meat to give preparations that wow factor. Lamb meat is a high-quality protein source, providing all nine essential amino acids that our bodies need for growth and maintenance.

The lambs are nourished on the grasslands of Spain, in a stress-free environment where they’re not exposed to hormones or preservatives. Quick and easy to cook, the lamb leg has tender, juicy meat that's best served slightly pink.

The quality of the lamb is monitored throughout the whole process and take great care of the feed, breeding, slaughter & production. A lean piece with a pinkish colour, very tender and juicy due to its greater fat coverage. From animals born and raised in Spain, free to graze in the pasture of the Los Pedroches Valley, with traceability from the origin.

The sheep live in the ancient countryside and the lamb comes from a unique merino breed that has been in Spain for over 800 years. FREE RANGE FIRST STAGE: More than 200,000 ewes are given grain-based and vegetarian animal feed and raised medication-free.

  • Lamb raised from the unique merino breed which has been in Spain for over 800 years.
  • Proudly from Spain and certified halal.
  • All processes are controlled rigorously, and throughout breeding and the slaughter process in the company's own abattoir with respect to animal welfare standards at all times.
  • No preservative or hormones from birth and raised with grain-based animal feed, with vegetables and kept medication-free.