Lomo 100% Iberico Sliced - Pork


1 Piece (100g)Country of origin: Spain
AED 47.25
Product Information
The lomo comes from the tenderloin, the leanest and noblest part of the Iberian pig. The cured, loin of Iberian pigs is considered to be one of the finest pieces of charcuterie produced in Spain. Sliced loin, machine sliced from 100% Iberian pigs selected from birth. They spend the first stage of their life on the farm by feeding natural cereals until they reach a weight of 40 to 50kg. After that when they access the meadows. Over there, they enjoy an exquisite feeding composed of this selection of cereals as well as grasses, tubers, roots and acorns reaching between 90kg and 100kg by early October (when "montanera" begins) as acorns fall and they are fed off them exclusively until they reach a weight of approximately 180kg in their adult stage.
  • Meat has a marbled appearance with streaks of infiltrated fat, with soft golden tones and a red colour that invites it to be tasted.
  • At the end of the maturation process, it goes through a bell where oak charcoal burns very slowly, giving it a persistent, enveloping and unmistakable bouquet.
  • Its flavour is the union of the presence of paprika, with a soft touch of garlic, together with spicy nuances and smoke, giving it a long and pleasant aftertaste.
Field-reared 100% Iberian loin, salt, paprika, dextrin, sugar, preservatives: E-252, E-250; dextrose, garlic, oregano.
Dietary & Lifestyle
Halal: No