Milk-fed Veal French Rack 4 Ribs from the Netherlands Frozen


NaNgCountry of origin: Netherlands
AED 419.95
Product Information

French rack ribs are prepared by a process where the bones are exposed by cutting off the fat and meat covering them. The halal & milk-fed Veal is born and slaughtered in Holland and contains a lot of nutrients that are essential for the proper functioning of the human body and immune system. The meat comes from healthy animals with a taste that has been popular for ages. Grown free of hormones, and free of medicines (the required withdrawal periods are observed), the milk-fed veal meat is light pink in colour. Milk gives more tenderness and flavour to veal meat.

  • An incredibly tender part of the veal that is easy to prepare.
  • Halal veal cuts of the highest quality and taste, and cut to perfection, from the Netherlands, world-renowned for its quality of premium milk-fed veal.
  • Milk-fed Veal that is light pink in colour, with the milk giving more tenderness and flavour to the meat.
  • The living conditions of veal calves are closely monitored and kept free from hormones and medicines.
Dietary & Lifestyle
Halal: Yes