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riceball suppli tomato mozzarella italian

Mini Riceballs Tomato and Mozzarella (500g)

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Similar to the Sicilian Arancino but created by the Roman culinary tradition, our Supplì is a delicacy to be enjoyed with closed eyes, to grasp all the genuine flavors and rich taste of the excellent ingredients used by Garbo.

About the Product:

  • Ready to cook in a pan in 12/15 mins
  • In fact, our Supplì are prepared as the 'grandmother' wants: carnaroli rice with 100% Italian tomato sauce and meat sauce, filled with a heart of mozzarella, enclosed in a light and golden breading.
  • Garbo can boast the excellence of its products, thanks to the care and meticulousness with which the raw materials are chosen
  • Garbo in fact ensures the best supplies, coming from agricultural producers and companies that guarantee a quality chain recognized throughout Europe.