Olives & Lemon Dressing de' Coppini (500ml)


PieceCountry of origin: Italy
AED 84.94
Product Information
Olive oil is a type of oil that has been extracted from olives, the fruits of the olive tree. Lemon extract is used as condiments to enhance the flavour of this extra virgin olive oil. It provides a balance between the bitterness of the lemon and the sweetness of the olive oil, leaving your palate with a pleasant flavourful surprise.
  • It has a strong natural flavour that will fascinate your sense of taste and upgrade your dishes.
  • It is also beneficial for weight loss,  prevents heart diseases and lowers cholesterol.
  • The most important benefit of the combination of olive oil and lemon on an empty stomach is definitely the purifying effect that lightens the liver.

Olives 81%, Zagara Bianca, Lemons 19%