Peeled Red& Gobetto Shrimp Sicily 900g (11x82g)

Rosso di Mazara

PieceCountry of origin: Italy
AED 426.17
Product Information

A unique and intriguing combination artfully created to excite your palate. The inimitable combination of Red Prawn and Gobetto Di Nassa are shelled by hand and placed in a vacuum pack. With Nudo & Crudo, the flesh is left intact, just as it is, to ensure the authenticity of its flavour remains untampered and to give you the opportunity to use it as you like.

  • Fished in the Mediterranean central sea (Ionian Sea)
  • Hand shelled and cut with a knife to give us a high-quality selection of giant red shrimp
  • Hand peeled and vacuum packed, frozen at -50 degrees
  • Enjoyed cooked or raw. Once thawed, keep refrigerated and consume within 24hrs

    Red prawn (Aristaeomorpha foliacea) 50%, Gobetto Prawn (Plesionika Edwardsii) 50%, Antioxidant E586




    Energy: 88.03Kcal/ 368.31KJ
    Fat: 0.57 g of which saturated: 0.13 g
    Carbohydrates: 0.6 g of which sugar: 0 g
    Protein: 20.1 g
    Salt: 0.89 g

    Storage & prep
    • It is recommended to thaw at 4°C refrigerated temperature and cook as needed.