Pepper Friggitello Green from Italy 250g Approx


PieceCountry of origin: Italy
AED 10.48
Product Information
Friggitello peppers are often referred to as “the famous frying pepper of Naples” and are favoured for their sweet, crisp flesh and mild heat. In Italy, the sweet peppers are fried with garlic and seasoned lightly in olive oil. Friggitello peppers come from the species Capsicum annuum, home to the most common varieties.
  • Famous for their sweet, crisp flesh and mild heat, they are also rich in vitamin B6, vitamin A, iron, copper and potassium
  • Friggitello are mild peppers, with almost no heat at all
  • Try the sweet peppers fried with garlic and light seasonings in olive oil, just as it is made in Italy and served at restaurants
Pepper Friggitello Green