Pluma 100% Iberico Frozen - Pork


1KgCountry of origin: Spain
AED 307.35
Product Information
Meat piece of triangular and flat shape, separated from the internal part of the loin during the cutting phase. Very juicy and tender due to its balance between meat and fat. Meat comes from 100% Iberian pigs selected from birth, bred in freedom and with an exquisite feeding elaborated in farms and pastures based on natural cereals and acorns, in addition to grasses, tubers and roots.
  • One of the noblest pieces of the Iberian pig due to its extra soft texture, juiciness and flavour.
  • It is recommended to prepare it on the grill or seasoned with sea salt flakes. Also, it combines very well with mushrooms.
  • This is one of the most coveted parts of the pig by the most demanding palates.
100% iberian pork
Dietary & Lifestyle
Halal: No