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Pomace Olive Oil PET 5L

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Refined Pomace Oil and Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Pomace Olive Oil PET 5L

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Casinetto Pomace Olive Oil is ideal for frying, oven baking and is recommended for grilling. Pomace olive oil is chemically extracted from the pulp of olives following the physical extraction of other olive oils. It is, therefore “tasteless” and “light” when compared to Casinetto's Extra Virgin Olive Oils. Olive pomace oil is made from a mixture of virgin olive oil and refined olive pomace oil. Primarily from the remains of bones, skin and pulp of the olive (called pomace) once the virgin olive oil has been extracted to give us a premium quality Spanish Pomace Olive Oil, perfectly blended with Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
  • Made with finest and freshest. and selected quality olives of 100% Spanish origin,
  • Pomace Olive Oil contains the various benefits of the extracted olives.
  • Blend of refined pomace oil & extra virgin olive oil.
  • Suitable for deep-frying and all types of cuisines.