Pork Barbecue Mix Frozen 6pcs ~600g

Salumi Cinque Stelle

PieceCountry of origin: Italy
AED 44.03
Product Information
These versatile cuts of meat are best for barbeque and grill. Meat is obtained from different cuts of pork. If you are a barbeque lover or smoked meat lover then these cuts are best for you because you just need to put these on a BBQ grill and your sizzling meal is ready. 
  • It goes well with rice, noodles, and raw veggies. You can simply enjoy with dipping sauces.
  • Once thawed, the product must not be refrozen and must be consumed within 24 hours.
  • It is ideal to try fancy dinner delicacies
  • Meat from pigs born, farmed and slaughtered in Italy


pork collar, sausage (pork 86%, water, salt, meat flavouring, sucrose, dextrose, pepper, garlic, nutmeg. Edible vegetable casing: sodium alginate, cellulose), pork belly.