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Potato Abruzzo from Italy (approx 500g) casinetto.myshopify.com

Potato Abruzzo from Italy (approx 500g)

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The Potato Yellow owes its distinctive qualities to the composition of the cultivation soil, particularly rich in potassium, phosphorus and nitrogen, and to the rainy climate of the production area which facilitates the phases of first vegetative growth and the beginning of tuberification.

About the Product

  • The Potato refers to the fresh yellow tuber, belonging to the seed potato variety called Primura.
  • The product is accompanied by fish, such as cod or cuttlefish. It can also be used in dishes with a particular flavor such as the "roulade stubanki" with pear carpaccio.
  • as well as being fried, boiled or baked, it can be used to make potato gnocchi.
  • Approx 500g