Salame Ventricina Sliced - Pork

Casinetto's Kitchen

1 Piece (100g)Country of origin: Italy
AED 17.53
Product Information
Salame Ventricina is produced using fine pork meat. Seasoned with paprika, crushed red pepper and fennel seeds, it has a strong aroma and intense spicy flavour. The slices are red in colour with white fat pieces and touches of orange around the edges. Made using all fresh ingredients, this product is gluten and dairy free.
  • Spicy flavour with a strong aroma
  • The cold cut is a perfect addition to your charcuterie
  • Made using all-natural ingredients and is gluten & dairy free

Pork, salt, dextrose, sucrose, spices, natural flavours, flavourings, wine, antioxidant (sodium ascorbate), preservatives (sodium nitrite, potassium nitrate).

Dietary & Lifestyle
Halal: No