Secreto 100% Iberico Frozen - Pork


500gCountry of origin: Spain
AED 113.57
Product Information
The meat is obtained from the muscle that is located in the cervical area, between the serratus muscles, fat infiltration level gives it a pinkish colour and a firm texture. It comes from 100% ibéricos pigs, reared in the wild and with an exquisite diet prepared in farms and meadows based on natural cereals, acorns, as well as grasses, tubers and roots.
  • A fine piece that is rich in fat, with smooth, intense and pleasant flavours that will not leave the most exquisite palates indifferent, making it an incomparable product that surprises from the first mouthful.
  • It is recommended to be grilled and it goes very well with grilled vegetables.
  • It has an intense and pleasant aroma exclusive to 100% natural-fed Iberian ham, typical of its character and personality

100% iberian pork

Dietary & Lifestyle
Halal: No