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Shrimps Cooked 100g Jar

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Peeled shrimps (Pandalus borealis) (52%), FAO zone 21,27, 67, water (45%), salt (1,5%), sugar (1%), acidifier: citric acid (0,5%)

Shrimps Cooked 100g Jar


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From the clean, cold and rich in fish seas of the North come the exquisite Delicius shrimps in brine. They belong to the tasty Pandalus Borealis species. Always ready to use for appealing appetizers, tasty canapés and really special salads. The quality of the Delicius shrimps is clearly visible through the glass jar, a jar with such a rigorous and Scandinavian design that the best table cloth to suit it would definitely be a Marimekko.

  • Shrimp live in the cold waters of the North Atlantic at a depth of 400 metres from where they are fished
  • The commercial size is no more than 2 cm
  • Shrimps are highly prized for their sweet & flavourful flesh