Small Stars Stelline Pastina Organic Pasta Iris (250gr) – Casinetto
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Small Stars Stelline Pastina Organic Pasta Iris (250gr)

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The Organic Small Stars pastina Iris is produced with durum wheat a grain mixture carefully chosen by us at each new crop to ensure a highly nutritious product with an optimal cooking resistance.

About the Product:

  • The durum wheat used to produce the durum wheat , are produced directly in the fields of the Iris supply chain composed by Italian farmers and peasants and by Iris Agricultural Coop in Calvatone (Cremona).
  • All the work responds fully to the traditional methodology, dough with cold and bronze drawing, in order to obtain a pleasantly more rough and porous dough, ideal for absorbing and enhancing sauces.
  • Cooking time 4/5 mins
  • Certified Organic, Product in Cremona (Italy)