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Squid Ink Sauce (180g)

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Cuttlefish Ink, Water, Salt, Thickener: sodiumcarboxymethyl cellulose. Absence of artificial colourings.

Squid Ink Sauce (180g)


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Arroz Negro is a black rice dish made in the manner of a paella. Tinta de calamar is the essential ingredient, imparting a rich flavor and dark color to the rice. 

About the product:

  • Squid ink is created from cuttlefish caught fresh from the Atlantic Ocean surrounding the beautiful Basque Country. Cuttlefish is a type of sepia, a relative of the squid, but has long been hailed as having more pristine ink that is better for cooking due to its rich, non-fishy flavor.
  • Generally used in sauces and pasta as a coloring agent, squid ink can be used to make homemade squid ink pasta or to prepare 'chipirones en su tinta', a classic Spanish dish containing squid cooked in its own ink.
  • 100% Natural