Tartare Pink Shrimp 80g


PieceCountry of origin: Italy
AED 32.02
Product Information

The Mediterranean Pink Shrimp is a typical crustacean and one of the most widespread. It lives in muddy bottoms at important depths between 150 and 700 meters even if it is more present between 100 and 400 meters. It is fished with trawls, especially by the sailors of Mazara del Vallo. It is extremely appreciated by consumers as it is very versatile in the kitchen.

  • The meat of the pink shrimp has a high nutritional value. They are an excellent low-calorie food, with a good protein intake and a reduced fat content.
  • Firm, compact and exquisite meat that is yellowish or pinkish in colour with a delicate flavour.
  • Hailing from the Mediterranean Sea, they are ideal to star in your favourite seafood recipes.

PINK SHRIMP, cut shelled, ADDITIVES (Preservative: Sodium Sulfite E221)