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truffle black summer italian

Truffle Black Summer Carpaccio with Pistachios (45gr)

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Creamy butter with a black truffle, perfect for perfuming and flavoring pasta dishes, croutons and bruschetta with an intense but soft flavor, we recommend using it as a sauce and seasoning for your favorite dishes.

About the Product:
  • Truffle butter is a compound butter, which means that butter is mixed with another ingredient, in this case, truffles. It can be used to flavor various dishes and enhance recipes, or on its own, spread on bread or crackers. Truffle butter also happens to be incredibly delicious, versatile and addictive.
  • Made with at least 5% of black truffle
  • MAIN INGREDIENTS: Black truffles 5%: black winter truffle, muscat truffle, uncinatum truffle, butter (SIZE: 10.58 OZ.)
  • Produced in Umbria, Italy